Free help for employers and their teams during Mental Health Awareness Week

By Anita Jaynes on 25 April, 2023

To help organisations and individuals manage stress and anxiety better, Swindon’s TeamDoctor is offering free access to its video-based online training course during Mental Health Awareness Week (Monday 15th – Sunday 21st May). 

Professor Sir Cary Cooper, President of the Charted Institute of Personnel Development said, “It is no longer okay to do nothing about employees mental health”.

Contributing to the TeamDoctor Mental Health Awareness training courses; Sir Cary states that stress is the key driver of reduced productivity, absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace. 

Many organisations still view employee wellbeing is a fluffy concept and that stress and anxiety are normal emotions that everyone experiences. However, this can get out of control due to a multitude of life pressures around work, home and money issues which then become a mental health problem.

Created with leading clinicians and industry experts, the TeamDoctor Mental Health Awareness Course and extensive film library gives a baseline of knowledge now essential in the workplace to create a happier, healthier workforce and an enhanced employee experience. 

Topics include how to manage stress, how line managers can improve team wellbeing, how to spot the signs of stress in yourself and your team, and importantly how to improve workplace relationships and culture to promote wellbeing, and a host of practical stress-busting techniques.

With many organisations operating remotely the mental and physical health of employees has never been more important, or more difficult. Looking after an organisation’s wellbeing is an essential part of any company’s strategy and the responsibility of the Board to implement for all team members from day one, ideally as part of the induction and onboarding process.

Rosie Runciman from TeamDoctor said, “We are offering our Mental Health Awareness online training course for free during Mental Health Awareness Week to help those who want to find out more about what Employers can do and should do, for their workforce. It’s open to anyone that wants to experience the benefits for themselves and learn how to assist others”.

Sign up by 13th May to gain access to the course: You can unsubscribe any time after you have received the link to access the training. No credit card details are taken.  

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Photo above by Emily Underworld on Unsplash