TBE trip to Romania with Business against Poverty

By Anita Jaynes on 18 November, 2015

Tomorrow I will embark on a journey to Lasi (pronounced yash), the largest city in eastern Romania with Business against Poverty for five nights.

Business against Poverty is a community of the registered charity People against Poverty. An independent, Trowbridge based charity whose shared intention is to alleviate poverty and suffering around the world. Through Business against Poverty membership, local and national businesses help channel resources into projects that directly connect communities, donor to recipient, person to person. Delivering help on the ground through local partnerships and networks.

They work on projects in the UK and abroad and they currently are supporting Romania, Nepal, Haiti and the UK Bridging the Gap project.

The trip to Romania is an awareness trip for Business against Poverty members, I signed up to go as The Business Exchange is media partner for the charity. I will be blogging whilst I’m over there raising awareness of the project and the real need for help. Click here to see a video clip from a previous trip.

We depart from London Heathrow airport tomorrow afternoon and fly into Bucharest. From Bucharest we will get an internal flight to Lasi arriving late that evening. We are staying in Hotel Sabina, a local family run hotel and will use this as our base throughout the trip. The plan is to visit some of the families Business against Poverty support, forming an understanding of their day to day life and the poverty they face.

I’ve watched several of the videos from past trips, but this one really hit home (click here to watch it). It made me take a moment to think about all of the things we take for granted each day. A bathroom, clean running water, electricity and gas for cooking and warmth. How often do we stop and give thanks for these things? I for one know I take them for granted and am the first to grumble if there’s an issue with a clogged up plug for example. At least I have the opportunity to wash my hair in the first place, even if the drainage system is an occasional inconvenience.

I’m really not sure what to expect from this trip, but I hope it will make me more and more thankful each day of the fantastic life that I have. Never worrying about where the next meal is coming from, or when the roof could be taken from over my head.

To help families in Lasi I reached out to my network earlier this month to see if anyone could help with donations for care packs. I’m delighted to say that my appeal worked and I’ve had some fantastic donations from Accord Office, Smarter Media and Little Lightbulb. This morning I’ve been busy at work breaking down the items and making up care and stationary packs (see photos below). This afternoon in my lunch break I will be venturing out to buy a few last minute things to finish them off.

I also have a bag of soft toys from my best friend’s little girls. We asked Daisy and Ivy if they could find a toy in their bedroom that would make another child smile and within five minutes they came running in with some lovely teddies and soft toys. The ease at which they did this was slightly unnerving, it was fantastic that they wanted to help, but the fact that they found it so easy to give several things away, definitely echoed our throw away culture. In general we all have so much here that’s taken for granted.  However, I’m pleased that we can start teaching the girls ethics at the early ages of 4 and 8. I know they will love seeing photos of me handing over their toys to kids that really need them.

I’m going to close now as I need to finalise the December/January edition of TBE before I go, but please login to www.tbeswindonandwilts.co.uk between now and Tuesday 24 November to read my daily blog or follow us on Twitter @tbesw

If you want to find out more about Business against Poverty and how you can help visit: www.businessagainstpoverty.com

Pictured above: TBE editor Anita Jaynes