TBE experts Geometry PR provide top tips for Start-ups

By Anita Jaynes on 3 September, 2014

To complement our Start-up September Competition this month we have gained insight from some of the West Country’s industry experts.

Today Bath based Geometry PR offer their expertise to help new businesses in Wiltshire get off the ground.

Starting a business is an exciting time – you have got the bank’s blessing, finally opened your door and now all you need are customers and lots of them, Linda Donaldson Director of Geometry PR provides some useful advice on how to attract them…

How do you let people know you are open for business?  Well building a solid reputation is something every business craves.  Being known for providing a quality service or a product helps sales but also builds trust and confidence which attracts new customers.

Regardless of the size of your business every business new or established should have a communications strategy.  One that is understood by everyone in the business and more importantly implemented, as it is this that will get you on the right step towards building and maintaining a valuable reputation.

How to start?

1. First you must set your objectives – what do you wish your communications plan to achieve.  It could be to increase sales, develop or improve customer loyalty, support the launch of a new product, create understanding in the market place about a unique service you offer.  Whatever your objective/s write them down and keep referring to them as you decide the best way to achieve them.

2. Next identify your customer.   Who do you wish to tell, who is mostly likely to buy your product, what do they look like, where are they most likely to be based, what sectors can you exploit.

3. Once you know your objectives and your customer you can begin to consider what you want to tell them about your business.  What are the key messages that will encourage them to click on your website, lift the phone or walk through the door.  Make a compelling argument for why they should do business with you.

4. Next how are you going to reach them – what marketing techniques will be most effective.  Forget your limited / lack of budget just get ideas down and worry about how you are going to fund it later.  There are lots of techniques and I would be lying if I pointed you in one direction because I am a firm believer that communication plans need a combination of as many techniques as possible that includes – advertising, media relations, direct mail, social media, networking, exhibiting and so on.

5. If you are stuck for ideas then take a look at what other businesses have done to raise their profile. Think about a brand you have recently come across and then identify how you came across them.

6. Once you have your wish list then consider how you are going to fund it.  No budget?  Then you best review your business plan because if you have not budgeted to market your new business you are unlikely to achieve your objectives.

Still unsure?  Then invest in a day with a communications practitioner, anyone worth their salt will be able to devise you a meaningful costed plan that you can then take away and implement yourself or give to them to do for you.

Visit Geometry PR’s website at:  www.geometrypr.co.uk