TBE Director Anita Jaynes: In Profile

By Anita Jaynes on 8 September, 2014

It’s a well known fact, across all industries, that new business ventures are never easy. It takes determination, guts, passion – as well as a sound business mind and a ridiculous amount of hard work. Relaxing evenings and a peaceful nights’ sleep disappear as the work piles up, trying to get a business off the ground. So as we celebrate the birthday of The Business Exchange – up, running and going strong after a year in print – I talk to the woman who has made this all happen, Anita Jaynes.

At only 31, Anita has a wealth of experience under her belt. Her passion for media started at the tender age of 15, when she joined Bath Hospital Radio as a volunteer presenter for Royal United Hospital and Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases. Her passion for radio grew and developed, and she flourished there for 10 years, during her GCSEs, A levels and University.

After her studies, Anita took a year out, gaining invaluable work experience at BBC Radio Wiltshire and BBC Bristol, which lead to paid contract work across both TV and Radio. As her experience and obvious talent was recognised, her skills were employed at The Local Radio Company (TLRC), who then owned Bath FM and 3TR FM covering Westbury, Warminster and Frome. Anita learnt the crafts of the trade inside out by working in multiple roles within the company, from freelancing as a reporter, to working in sales.

“Running around the county with a mini-disc and microphone still brings back fond memories,” said Anita.

Anita graduated with a joint honours degree in Media Communications and Cultural Studies at Bath Spa University in 2005. Since then, she has worked for Bath-based publisher, Parragon Books, Valldata Services (who work with charity clients such as Cancer Research and RAF Benevolent Fund) and more recently, Swindon Business News. Anita recognised a golden opportunity to create a new publication with a fresh, modern approach to business news.

Why the name The Business Exchange?

“With 10 years experience in the media industry under my belt, I was unhappy with how media companies so often take an advertiser’s money, and run. I felt there should be more of a reciprocal relationship with both readers and advertisers – hence ‘The Business Exchange.’ Whatever media outlet you are working with, you are only successful because of the audience watching, reading or listening to you. If you don’t understand their wants and needs from your product, you will never survive. I have tried to listen to everything our readers, advertisers and potential advertisers have said, taking on board their comments – however critical.”

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

“I think convincing people that The Business Exchange is here to stay. The print industry has seen such turbulent times in recent years, but I believe there is still a strong market for good quality printed press. It was really important to me that TBE looked the part from day one. We use high quality paper and have invested heavily in the design and the user journey of the magazine, as well as ensuring we have strong content. We might have a larger print bill than if we printed on less quality stock, but image is everything. I want to produce a magazine that businesses are proud to have in their waiting rooms, one that’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye and one that people enjoy reading.”

Who has been your biggest inspiration in business?

“This is a tough one. Sam Jaynes (my Grandfather) founded Model Productions – our family injection moulding plastics business – in Dover in 1974. The company has gone from strength to strength over the years, and my Father, Kieron Jaynes, now runs the business today as managing director. The saying ‘fantastic made of plastic’ really applies in my family! Over the years, Granddad and Dad have secured some impressive clients such as GE Capital and London Fancy Box. They make everything from components for light fittings, to car parts and whiskey bottle tops.

“I particularly liked it as a little girl, as I always had the best pass-the-parcel presents at parties. Dad then made Connect 4 for MB Games, Spiro-Graph and the carriages for My Little Pony.

“I have learnt the importance of working hard to achieve success from both of my parents. My mum, Jackie, is a nurse at the RUH in Bath and at 67, is still serving in the hospital she trained in. She is a true inspiration to me, as I will never forget how much she has helped others – she’s entirely selfless and always puts her patients first.

“Although my business is an entirely different area, I would like to think that the customer is at the heart of everything I do and that I treat others the way I would like to be treated. Business ethics are highly important to me.”

Whats next for TBE?

“We are investing heavily in our online offering with a new website, launching soon. It’s exciting times for the business and I can’t believe how things have developed in just a year.”

If you could invite any character in history to your next party, who would it be and why?

“Being a bit of a realist I’ve never really put anyone famous on a pedestal. However, in industry terms I commend all war correspondents that put their life in danger to inform others. After all that hard graft, they most definitely deserve a party too!”

The TBE team would like to say a special thank you to the following companies that have supported us since day one.

  • AMS Accountancy
  • Excalibur
  • Juicy Designs
  • Pebley Beach
  • Studio Creative
  • MPD
  • Lockton Insurance
  • Wessex Chambers of Commerce
  • Swindon Chamber of Commerce