Taking a Global view of online gaming: How will the market change in 2016?

By Anita Jaynes on 15 March, 2016

Online gamers and casino enthusiasts are relatively fortunate in the UK, as they have access to a freemium and well-regulated marketplace that empowers fun and interactive gameplay. The same principle applies to Europe, as online casinos continue to thrive and generate millions in tax revenue across an entire continent.

The same cannot be said for gamers in North America or Canada, however, where there remain considerable grey areas, intense debate and a widespread unwillingness to legalise online gaming. This may be about to change – especially Californian law makers are able to pass an influential bill that legalises such gaming in the sunshine state.

Now and in the Future: How will the Gaming market develop in North America and Canada?

A bill to legalise gaming in California has been in the pipeline for over 18 months, and it is thought to be highly influential in the market as a whole. California is a large and trail-blazing state, for example, and it is believed that many other authorities would legalise online gaming if California approved the current bill. Conversely, experts believe that a window of opportunity will have passed in the bill is not signed in 2016, while further delays could also prevent online gaming from being accepted nationwide.

There is some serious opposition to this bill, and this should come as no surprise when you consider that California is one of 47 U.S states that currently prohibit online gambling. The situation has some similarities with the current climate in Canada, as while local law makers do not seem to be diametrically opposed to online gaming, they have yet to officially pass any bills that legalise it. So while you can access online games and play Red Flush casino games and similar titles from reputable operators, local authorities are not generating any tax income from this. Red Flush Casino, like many other operators who are trying to break into new markets must overcome this roadblock to push closer towards becoming market leaders.

Many of the issues in these locations stem from the complexity of having local and state authorities, as each seem to have an alternative approach to the merits of online gaming. Despite this, even states that are not fiercely opposed to legalising online gaming will follow the crowd until they are encouraged to do otherwise, which explains why California is so influential and will have such a huge impact on the future of the market.

Why U.S Gamers will wait with baited breath for the news from California

For now, it appears as though U.S gamers will need to wait until the Californian gaming bill is progressed. Those opposed to the bill have succeeding in delaying its momentum, although the amount of time and capital invested by backers means that they can ill-afford to let this continue indefinitely. With this in mind, we should maybe expect a bill to be passed at some point later in 2016, and this may be a trigger for the gradual but widespread legalisation of online gambling in North America and Canada.