Tackle your cashflow at free event

By Gill Harris on 26 June, 2019

Small businesses can learn the latest techniques for mastering cashflow, time, sales, and growth at a free event next month.

Stephanie Rickaby, of Sunflower Accounts, is hosting Cashflow is King, a morning of comprehensive training in accounting and sales, at Thrings solicitors in Swindon, on Tuesday, July 9. Around 50 local businesses are expected to attend.

Chartered accountant Stephanie will tackle the main challenges faced by business owners – cashflow and managing growth to avoid the growing pains.

“During the turbulent time of Brexit in business, it’s important to know exactly where every penny in your company goes,” said Stephanie. “A lot of businesses are using outdated methods to manage their accounting, and they aren’t able to see their finances 360 degrees. We’ll be arming businesses with the tools and knowledge they need to implement smarter ways of working to save them money and buy back time.”

She will discuss the use of technology and attendees will be introduced to Receipt Bank, XERO and cashflow tools such as the use of Apps like Fluidly or Float.

The event will also feature an interactive session with Alison Edgar, The Entrepreneur’s Godmother and MD of Sales Coaching Solutions, focusing on her ‘Intrapreneurship’ Methodology.

Sales and marketing adviser Alison said: “It’s easy for employees to have the mindset of ‘it’s not my money’, and the pounds start to add up. My methodology provides business owners with up-to-date messaging to help their employees adapt their mindsets to think like business owners.”

The session will include:

  • How to motivate your team and understanding their mindsets and behaviours
  • New ways to make sales and understanding your internal and external customers
  • Understanding your team better to increase sales, customer service, and employee satisfaction.

The event, which runs from 9.30am to 1pm and includes lunch provided by sponsors Xero, is open to everyone from CEOs to individuals looking to start or grow a business.

To book your free place, contact rebecca@salescoachingsolutions.co.uk or visit Eventbite.

Pictured above: Alison Edgar and Stephanie Rickaby