TA Triumph-Adler launch new data policy at Bett 2014

By Anita Jaynes on 1 February, 2014

Swindon based TA Triumph-Adler UK launched a new Data Security Policy at the education sector’s leading UK exhibition, Bett 2014, held at ExCel, London 21-24 January. The show is the world’s largest learning technology exhibition.

TA-Triumph Adler is a solutions business specialising in document and print management systems and is Europe’s leading supplier.

Although technology brings enormous benefits to today’s schools unfortunately it can also bring risks, and sometimes these come from the unlikeliest of sources.

The TA Triumph-Adler message was a reminder that the hard drives of printers, scanners and MFDs are often larger than those in a PC and can retain the images of documents on their hard disk forever – unless proper measures are taken to securely erase or overwrite the data.

The risk is obvious to anyone who has had to retrieve a file they thought lost on their own computer and it is a risk that TA Triumph-Adler UK’s MD, Shaun Wilkinson, is keen to manage. He explains:  “Once we understand that printers store data, the risks become obvious. As a school Governor, I became aware of just how much personal information relating to pupils, staff and stakeholders was stored on their printers, and that any data leak could cause huge reputational damage to the school as well as personal damage to individuals. There are also financial threats: contract information, payment details, bank details… on a daily basis school printers handle a wealth of information that could be exploited if it fell into the wrong hands.”

The new policy implemented by TA Triumph-Adler  ensures all printed and scanned data is ‘safe as standard’ on all their devices used in the education sector.  MD Shaun Wilkinson said: “Whenever you see our Data Protection Shield, you know that we are protecting your data. Our standard security software encrypts and overwrites the hard disk randomly to prevent data restoration.”

TA Triumph-Adler attracted a great deal of interest from School Business Managers visiting the exhibition. Paul Young Head of Technical Services at TA Triumph-Adler commented: “Our data security kits come with three overwrite-erase options. Data can be overwritten once for a speedy solution, three times for extra security or, for the ultimate option, using the ‘three passes’ method – which is so extreme it’s compliant with the U.S. Dept. of Defence’s data sanitisation standards.”