Systemagic urges the IT sector to offer more flexible deals for telephones

By Anita Jaynes on 5 December, 2016

One of Wiltshire’s leading IT companies Systemagic has introduced 30-day contracts for telephone solutions to help fellow SMEs avoid long contract terms.

Managing Director James Eades explains how research in to his own telephone system resulted in the offer.

“Three years ago Systemagic was expanding and looking for a more modern, flexible and ultimately cost effective telephone solution for our team.   I could find plenty of people to provide me with the technology I needed but I wasn’t happy to commit to long contract terms when I know first-hand tech is changing all the time and costs are reducing so quickly.”

Frustrated he did something different and created a more flexible solution for his own company.

“Once I started talking to our clients about what we’d done I found the appetite for a decent telephone system – whether a single phone or 100 phones – without three, five or even seven year terms was huge.   The best bit was finding that we were able to save businesses significant amounts of money on their annual telephone charges.”

Natalie Brailey, Marketing Director at Devizes-based Limelight Recruitment, took up the new system.

She said: “As a new business, keeping cost down is a priority – whilst ensuring it won’t have an impact on quality. Systemagic were able to provide us with a telephone solution that enabled us to manage our cost and ensure we maintain quality, all without committing to any long-term contracts.”

Along with telephone systems Systemagic provides award-winning IT support, cloud computing and connectivity solutions to South West businesses. The 14-strong team is based on the Bath/Wiltshire border and celebrates 18 years in business in 2017.

Pictured above: Natalie Brailey of Limelight Recruitment, a company which has embraced flexible contracts for telephony, with James Eades, Systemagic’s managing director.