SWLEP urge firms to shape Swindon’s future workforce

By Anita Jaynes on 26 February, 2015
Is a skills shortage holding back your company? The Government recently warned that the worsening UK skills shortage may stop UK businesses from taking advantage of the economic recovery.

Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) are giving you the opportunity to drive change and lead on education and skills development activities in Swindon so that you can play your part in tackling the skills shortage problem and benefit your business, industry sector and Swindon as a whole.


There are many ways in which getting involved in shaping the skills agenda in Swindon could benefit your business.

  • Enable your business to grow
  • Keep up-to-date with competition
  • Increase productivity, innovation and new ideas
  • Make sure training for the future is in place when you need it most
  • Make recruitment easier and more cost efficient


Businesses in these sectors:

  • Financial and Professional Services
  • Digital and High-tech
  • High Value Manufacturing
  • Construction


Take the Skills Mapping Survey to let SWLEP know where skills gaps or shortages lie in your business. Come along to their sector specific events, hear what topical speakers have to say about the industry and the area, meet training providers, colleges and schools and become a champion on driving change for your industry sector.

Discuss your concerns on recruitment, apprenticeships and training provision and identify future skills needs so that educational providers can offer solutions to match industry needs, increasing sector growth and Swindon’s economy as a whole.

To find out more about SWLEP visit: www.swlep.biz