SWLEP launches Growth Hub PLUS

By Anita Jaynes on 25 April, 2023

Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership (SWLEP) have launched Growth Hub Plus – a high value business support offer in addition to the existing fully-funded Growth Hub services. 

Chris Stevens, Head of Business Support at SWLEP Growth Hub explains the reasoning behind Growth Hub PLUS.

Chris Stevens

Wiltshire is a vibrant place for business. It is a centre for tourism and home to the MOD alongside an array of manufacturing, digital, retail, specialist, technical, scientific, niche and mass-market businesses – all of which utilise local skilled and unskilled workforces. 

It is therefore imperative that the Growth Hub provides a variety of business support to match the needs of the diverse, exciting and enterprising businesses in our region. In addition to the free support funded specifically for Swindon and Wiltshire businesses, Growth Hub Plus has no geographical boundaries or restrictions.

It has been developed to support businesses from any area, and members will benefit from:

  • Being part of a committed community of business owners
  • Preferential access to masterclasses aimed at taking your business to the next level
  • One-to-one specialist support and mentoring
  • Access to discounted office, conferencing and meeting spaces
  • Access to a wealth of editable templates and guides on essential subjects such as Human Resources, Access to Finance and Marketing
  • Business promotion and advertising opportunities
  • Discounts on all BCC Guardian plans 
  • A lively Growth Hub Plus member-only Facebook group
  • Dedicated ongoing business advice and updates from Business Navigators

A modern, consultative approach to supporting the business community, Growth Hub Plus will offer a dynamic hub for businesses at all stages of development. 

Whether the need is for one-to-one support; access to a range of masterclasses, events and workshops; use of the fantastic templates and resources; or participating in online discussions and face-to-face networking, there is a support angle provided for all businesses.

The team of Business Navigators have decades of collective experience in all areas of running and developing a business including finance, digital, HR, marketing, business development and coaching. Most have experience of running their own businesses and they have the ability and sensitivity to assist businesses at any stage of their development.

Saving business leaders time and money, and providing them with easy access to useful resources and a ready-made network, were key driving forces in creating Growth Hub Plus. In addition, the importance of working with (and for) the local business community and helping to lay foundations for the South West region’s future are central to the offering.

Combining digital and physical support methods, Growth Hub Plus membership can make a tangible, positive impact. The team will share their own insights and knowledge as well as making introductions to other help available to SMEs, enabling continued growth and development.

Timely, informative and useful guidance, signposting to the best options available and a knowledgeable ear are essential at all stages of operating a business and more so during the ongoing economic recovery. 

It can be lonely running a business, striving to manage the expectations of both customers and employees. Growth Hub Plus has been developed to provide a community that understands your needs and can provide answers to your questions.

If you are a business owner, leader or manager who wishes to take your organisation to the next level, access great support and advice for you and your team and be part of a diverse and ambitious group of other like-minded individuals, Growth Hub Plus is well worth considering as part of your future plans. 

As a member of the Growth Hub Plus community you will also be able to help design the future products and services which Growth Hub Plus will deliver to ensure they match the needs of your business and our region.

To find out more and join Growth Hub Plus visit: www.growthhub.swlep.co.uk/new-member 

If you are already a basic Growth Hub member, login to your existing account www.growthhub.swlep.co.uk/login and then click ‘Subscribe to Plus’.

“We have external evaluation that confirms the Growth Hub team exceed the expectations of those who interact with us. Following further feedback and research, we have created an enhanced offer to meet the specific needs of our SME Community. This feels like the natural next step in developing the Growth Hub and to protect its longevity.”

Chris Stevens, Head of Business Support, SWLEP Growth Hub