Swindon’s Business Improvement District tackle a sticky issue

By Anita Jaynes on 11 August, 2015

inSwindon BID Company have joined forces with Swindon Borough Council’s Street Smart team to tackle the problem of discarded chewing gum on town centre streets. Swindon’s Business Improvement District, who represent town centre businesses, are passionately trying to tidy up the town centre for all visitors and residents alike. An investment in a backpack mounted machine that turns stuck on gum into dust in seconds will be operated daily by the town centre’s street cleaning team. The aim is to treat gum removal like painting the fourth bridge – working from one end of the town centre right through and then starting at the beginning again; to ensure the area stays clean and gum free.

The combination of pressure, heat and a cleaning solution means that a wad of gum can be removed in just a matter of seconds – one cleaning operative can remove many pieces of gum per hour with no disruption to the public. This is more than double the efficiency of the best possible alternative product.

Di Powell, inSwindon BID Manager said “SBC have invested considerably in the town centre’s public realm improvements. The streets are pressure washed daily and we are pleased to provide this piece of equipment to help add the finishing touch to our much improved town centre.”

To find out more about inSwindon visit: www.swindontowncentre.co.uk