Swindon Hypnotherapist invited to present her work at Canadian Hypnotherapy Conference

By Anita Jaynes on 4 May, 2016

Swindon-based clinical hypnotherapist, Helen Breward, has been invited to speak about her successful menopause relief programme at the Canadian Hypnosis Conference in October this year. Helen was contacted in February by Sheila Granger, one the UK’s leading hypnotherapists, and that conversation led to Helen receiving the invitation to speak at the Canadian conference.

Aimed at controlling hot flushes, an unpleasant aspect of the menopause for many women, Helen originally devised her menopause relief programme in December 2014. Helen succesfully trialled it in January 2015 and found that her results reflected those from a study carried out in 2012 by Professor Gary Elkins from the USA’s Baylor University. He observed that: ‘Hypnotic relaxation therapy reduced hot flashes by as much as 80 per cent, and the findings also showed participants experienced improved quality of life and a lessening of anxiety and depression.’

From that successful trial Helen has received local and national recognition including being featured in the women’s glossy, Spirit and Destiny magazine.

Speaking about the invitation Helen said: “To be asked to speak about something that I’ve personally developed is simply wonderful, but then to be asked to do so to a group of my peers in another country is beyond my wildest dreams. It’s a lovely feather in my cap.

“Because using hypnotherapy in this way is relatively new this conference has not yet had anyone speak about it. Therefore it’s an amazing opportunity to raise awareness on the subject. I feel passionate about giving ladies the chance to make informed decisions about their bodies and to be able to take back control of them.”

To find out more about Helen’s offering visit: www.pebbleshypnotherapy.com

Pictured above: Helen Breward, clinical hypnotherapist