Swindon born entrepreneur Rob Moody is offering a year of free business mentoring

By Anita Jaynes on 1 February, 2016

Entrepreneur Rob Moody is offering a year of free business mentoring to members of the armed forces who wish to start their own small business.

Mr Moody’s home and mentoring business, Insight SBM, is based in Cheltenham. He is originally from Swindon and is a frequent visitor to the town, with many of the small businesses he works with based in Swindon as well.

He makes a point of doing an annual ‘giving something back’ exercise. Last year, instead of charging his usual fees he worked with five small businesses on a ‘pay what you can afford’ basis.

This year, he has decided to work with someone from the armed forces. This could be a person recently discharged from the armed forces and with a small business idea, or who has a business now that’s struggling, or someone about to be leaving the forces and who has an interest in starting a small business.

Mr Moody is offering free business mentoring for one year to just such a person.

He said: “It stems from my appreciation of the work servicemen and women do. Over the years their protection of this country and by extension myself, has afforded me the safety and therefore the opportunity to pursue my dreams.

“I’m very aware of that and I’m very grateful for it. And that’s why, in an effort to give something back, I want to offer my services to someone from the armed forces. I want to give someone from a military background the same opportunity to pursue their dream that has been afforded to me.”

If you are a member of the armed services, currently serving or previously and would like to apply or know someone who does then contact Mr Moody via his assistant: joanne@insightsbm.com