Swindon based Infinite Group help launch latest tech by TomTom @ Ministry of Sound

By Anita Jaynes on 27 October, 2015

TomTom launched its latest Spark and Runner 2 exercise watches with an experiential event bringing together exercise and music at London’s Ministry of Sound, supported by Infinite Group.

The launch party was inspired by Ministry of Sound’s work creating a bespoke 30-minute mix for the new TomTom watches, called ‘Running Trax’, designed to help improve users’ sporting performance.

TomTom arranged six hours of entertainment at the super club last month, with live music, DJs, demonstrations and speeches, to introduce the new wearable tech devices to global retailers and other guests.

Infinite Group staff promoted the event to all major retailers to ensure an attendance of more than 400 guests, representing major stores from the UK, US, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Germany.

On arrival guests were treated to a dynamic show by free-running group Storror, who performed wall jumps and precision jumps as well as rolls and flips in the club’s outside courtyard, wearing the TomTom Bandit and TomTom Spark.

In a series of presentations about Spark and Runner 2, TomTom staff explained how music improves sporting performance, before a Ministry of Sound spokeswoman explained how the special playlist was created and the choice of certain tracks.

There were special ‘demo’ areas in The Loft section of the club while four DJs entertained for four hours in the club’s main dancefloor, The Box.

Ben Springer, TomTom account manager at Infinite Group, who helped promote the event, said: “It was an amazing launch party to showcase two amazing products.

“The event reflected the innovative nature of these exercise watches as the latest development in the wearable tech revolution and highlighted the strong links between exercise and music.

“Hosting it at Ministry of Sound, one of the world’s most famous music venues, made it really special for all the guests who attended.”

Pictures of the event provided via video footage taken by Shaun Hodson of Loki Films.

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