SWINDON 105.5 receives one-off recognition from the Prince of Wales

By Nick Batten on 1 July, 2023

SWINDON 105.5, the town’s Community Radio Service, has been awarded the 2023 Prince Of Wales Award.

Signed by Prince William, the certificate is now displayed on the station’s production office wall – right next to a Queen’s Award (MBE) which is signed by his grandmother, the late Queen Elizabeth II. 

The 2023 Prince Of Wales Award is given each year to an established non-profit registered organisation in the South West of England. This year, the final two organisations were a mental health charity in Weston Super Mare and SWINDON 105.5. 

Representatives of both were invited to the Royal Bath and West Show, where judges gave comments and the winner was announced. 

The Certificate signed by Prince William

On this occasion, Prince William found the decision between the two organisations so difficult – each providing unique services to their community – that eventually the Award was given to the mental health charity and a first-time ever Certificate of Distinction was created for SWINDON 105.5. 

Station Manager, Shirley Ludford, received a presentation on stage by Lady Radford.

Shirley said, “Judges were apologising to us! They confirmed that such a Certificate had not been awarded before; so it makes it even more special. We make opportunities available to individuals of all ages, look at ability not disability, and dedicate much time to support learning and development.

“But it is up to those individuals to make the most of this unique opportunity and there are so many examples of inspiring achievement. This is a recognition of 15 years of dedicated service and those stories. And there is plenty more still to do! Watch this space.” 

SWINDON 105.5 is funded by grants, donations, fundraising and affordable on-air advertising supporting local businesses. 

Check out: swindon1055.com or call: (01793) 611555.

Pictured above: Shirley Ludford (right) and a colleague with the award at the Royal Bath and West Show