Stress Awareness Month – Bonny Prim

By Ben Carey on 8 April, 2021

April is national Stress Awareness Month. After a turbulent year to say the least, it’s important to ensure that we are looking after our own mental health as well as checking in on staff and colleagues.

The Business Exchange will be sharing insights over the coming weeks from some of our business community’s health and wellbeing experts, giving advice and guidance on how to ensure you’re looking after your mental wellbeing.

Our first article comes from Bonny Prim, a health and wellbeing coach based in Swindon.

Are You Aware Of What You Can Do To Support Your Team’s Wellbeing?

Since lockdown there has been an increase in the number of companies who want to support the wellbeing of employees whilst they work remotely.

As a corporate wellness coach, I have been providing various online/remote services to employers during the past 12 months as a nutritional therapist and yoga teacher.

I was already teaching yoga onsite at Intel in Swindon before the first lockdown. I quickly transitioned onto Zoom so that I could continue to provide this service to company employees. In fact, this has proved so popular that I have added another weekly class!

I was also invited to talk to employees at Catalent in Swindon about nutrition and how this can help support wellbeing both physically and mentally, as well as providing support and tips about improving and maintaining health. I was able to answer questions that people had in the sessions about particular foods, supplements and food intolerances.

I believe people stay with a company if they are looked after and appreciated, so here are six tips and considerations for companies who had not yet embraced a remote wellbeing offering:

  1. The size of your company doesn’t matter! The smallest company I’ve worked with had about 40 employees. Whether its five members of staff or 100, everyone’s wellbeing is important.
  2. Ask your employees what they want. If you deliver something they don’t find useful, it won’t have the impact you want.
  3. Understand what wellbeing challenges you have in your company and what areas need addressing. This can be done with a workplace assessment with employees.
  4. Have a clear wellbeing policy in place. Ensure that anything you offer links with this; I have worked with companies who have had me talk to staff about menopause support to tick a box, without any workplace policy to continue to support employees. They will see through it and you will do more harm than good!
  5. Have a wellbeing budget in place. Most therapists will ask you what your budget is when you are looking to book them; be clear what this is.
  6. Don’t be afraid of doing something online! You can connect with people all over the world on Zoom and anything is possible.

For more general information about stress and wellbeing you can find support and information here

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