Staff at nutrition company embrace new health board game

By Anita Jaynes on 5 April, 2014

Employees and nurses at Wiltshire-based nutrition company Nutricia have been playing the Dysphagia Game – designed to help them support people who have difficulty swallowing.

The game has been designed as an accessible, but serious, tool to help frontline healthcare staff identify and manage dysphagia. It is part of a general campaign, supported by NHS England, to raise awareness of the importance of good nutrition and hydration.

Nutricia is based in Trowbridge and staff have been trying out the game over recent weeks. There is evidence that poor nutrition and hydration care can seriously undermine a person’s health and wellbeing and reduce their ability to recover from illness. There is also evidence poor and inconsistent practice in nutrition and hydration care can lead to serious and avoidable harm.

Dr Mike Durkin, NHS England Director of Patient Safety, said: “Dysphagia is a condition that can affect people of all ages but is often poorly understood by healthcare workers.

“We hope that this new training aid will provide a practical tool to build knowledge about this condition and improve detection and management of dysphagia.”