SSGC appoints Haines Watts to manage rapid growth trajectory

By Ben Carey on 31 July, 2020

One of Britain’s fastest-growing specialised security businesses, located in Swindon, has seen a six-fold turnover increase since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

SSGC, a niche provider of fully-vetted security officers, has deployed hundreds of security staff on the ground to secure and marshal the Covid-19 testing programme at centres across the UK.

Building on the significant growth already achieved throughout 2019, it has also recently appointed Haines Watts, a top UK accountancy business with offices in Trowbridge and Swindon, to manage its financial affairs as it draws up its long-term expansion plan.

SSGC has demonstrated its ability to rapidly provide hundreds of staff at short notice, many of whom are former military personnel assisting with the national Coronavirus effort.

David Stubbs, Managing Director of SSGC, said, “Reinforcing our front line in the fight against Covid-19 has meant making some sound decisions as we rise through the ranks of security firms to be part of the top flight of specialist businesses. Appointing an equally top flight accountancy firm was always part of our long-term planning.

“Growth has always been a major part of our strategy, but our ability to demonstrate a robust response to the Government’s needs during lockdown suddenly accelerated those plans.

“We had already established a good relationship with Haines Watts, so a complete move to take advantage of a strategic finance partner that complements our own direction of travel will definitely help us shape our future direction.”

Mike Lloyd, Partner with Haines Watts, added, “We provide services to thousands of businesses, many of which, like SSGC, are going through a phase of significant growth in a short time. Expansion presents new and exciting challenges and secures SSGC as a major corporate player; a target they were already headed towards before current events arose.

“Accountancy services fall broadly into two distinct areas: compliance and planning. From the compliance side we can make sure they meet all of the legal and tax requirements while with planning we can help optimise around areas such as tax management, financial modelling and scenario forecasting to maximise the financial fluidity of the company under growth.

“We are already busy working with the directors on both fronts and looking forward to working alongside them at this key time in the company’s evolution.”

For more information visit the SSGC website.

Pictured: Mike Lloyd, a Partner with Haines Watts (left) with Guy Dungworth, a shareholder in SSGC and David Stubbs, Managing Director of SSGC.