SpiderGroup launches HubBytes

By Anita Jaynes on 30 October, 2020

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As HubSpot Gold Partners, SpiderGroup are huge advocates for the versatile marketing platform and are keen to make sure that all businesses know how HubSpot can work best for them. 

For those who are new to HubSpot, it is best described as an inbound marketing and sales platform that combines marketing, sales and service. SpiderGroup work out what part of the HubSpot platform is best for each company they work with, whether that’s the free HubSpot CRM, the marketing hub, sales hub, service hub, or a combination. And now they can provide one-off HubSpot tasks as part of their exclusive HubByte offering. 

Natalie Howells, SpiderGroup, said, “We don’t do “off-the-shelf” – we build specific, tailored packages for all our clients, so they are getting the activity that will generate the greatest possible return. Through working with our clients on retainer services, we realised that one-off HubSpot tasks which can be an addition to other services or as a test of new functions would be of immense value.”

Among the one-off tasks on offer are email campaigns, landing pages, setting up a chatbot or live chat, segmentation of your database and content creation. 

Natalie continued, “Sometimes you don’t need a full retainer – or you’re not ready for that yet. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need some occasional HubSpot help. That’s where our HubBytes come in. They’re ‘byte-sized’ one-offs, so you can get precisely what you need. Whether you just need a landing page or email campaign, or you want some expertise applied to your database or CTAs, we’ve got the tools, skills, and experience to make sure you get the best result.”

To find out more about HubBytes visit: www.spidergroup.com/hubbytes