Speakers’ platform offers new opportunities for businesses

By Ben Carey on 25 March, 2024

A new speakers’ platform is offering business owners and entrepreneurs a chance to share their knowledge and expertise.

Swindon-based PR consultancy Scott Media has launched the initiative to provide another way for clients to raise their profile.

Founder Fiona Scott saw a gap in the market for a speakers’ agency aimed at those relatively new to speaking and wanting more opportunities. As well as acting as a platform for speaker bookings, Scott Media Speakers will proactively promote its members through its own PR and social media.

Scott Media’s Lauren Roberts said 40 business owners had already signed up to Scott Media Speakers.

She said, “We wanted to address a gap in the market. Many speaker agencies focus on high-ticket speakers, but they neglect those in a more affordable price bracket who may not be motivated by money, or who want to grow in experience when it comes to public speaking.

“These are the people we want to work with, because there are so many business owners out there, and among our own clients, who have decades’ of invaluable knowledge and experience. By sharing this they not only help others but they raise their profile at the same time. Speaking engagements are yet another element of the PR mix.”

Scott Media Speakers separates its members into one of four tiers, depending on factors such as level of experience, motivations for speaking and the distances they are happy to travel for opportunities.

Each member of Scott Media Speakers will have an online profile and will be actively promoted through Scott Media’s social media platforms, regular podcast PR Not BS and via the YouTube channel Reel PR with Fiona Scott.

Lauren added, “We’ll ask our speakers to use their own platforms to promote themselves too, and to share our posts, and in that way, we hope we can increase their opportunities for speaking and also increase the range of topics our members cover.”

For more information about Scott Media Speakers, visit the Scott Media website or email  lauren@fionascott.co.uk

Pictured: Lauren Roberts