South West engineering projects back “This is Civil Engineering” campaign

By Anita Jaynes on 13 April, 2015

Top civil engineering projects from the South West are to take part in a special national campaign over the next fortnight, to show the public the positive impact civil engineering has on their lives and show policymakers of all parties why they should continue to invest in infrastructure.

The University of Bath 10 West project in association with Vinci Construction, will provide space for the expansion of the Department of Psychology and a new home for the University’s Institute for Policy Research. Project Wareham at Swanage Railway will deliver a mainline connection at Wareham to the heritage railway. These projects will join a host of other vital schemes across the country that will be raising huge “This is Civil Engineering” banners on their sites as part of the Institution of Civil Engineers’ (ICE) awareness campaign. The banners not only tell the public what civil engineering is, but also make a clear link between the work taking place and how it will benefit the local community.

Many other civil engineering projects will also be taking part in the campaign and highlighting their benefits via social media forums such as Twitter and Instagram.

The “This is Civil Engineering” initiative forms part of ICE’s wider Commit to Infrastructure General Election campaign, and the leading engineering body is hoping it will serve as a reminder to all political parties that long term investment in infrastructure improves quality of life for the public, regenerates communities and creates jobs.

“Incoming ICE South West Regional Director, Miranda Housden, said: “Civil engineering forms the backbone of our communities. It protects us from flooding, ensures we have clean drinking water, finds clever ways to recycle and reuse our rubbish and provides us with the roads, railways, ports and airports that keep us on the move and connect us with others. It quite literally shapes the world in which we live.

“It is fantastic to see vital projects from the South West getting involved in this campaign and helping to really shine a light on civil engineering and how it benefits us all.

“Of course the campaign also comes at a critical point in the electoral calendar, and we hope it will help to demonstrate to parties across the political spectrum, just how vital it is that infrastructure remains a central plank of their plans for growth and prosperity.”