Souper idea for communities reaches Swindon from Detroit

By Anita Jaynes on 11 November, 2015

Do you have an idea that you believe would benefit your local community – but perhaps need advice, help and some cash to get you started?

If so, then on Thursday December 3 from 6pm ‘til 8pm, the first bi-monthly Swindon Soup event is being held at Excalibur Communications, Arclite House, Century Road (SN5 5YN), where three people will be given the opportunity to put forward their suggestions.

The format for the evening, which can help kick-start new business, is very straightforward and friendly, as Sara Witham, marketing manager at Excalibur Communications, explains:

“It costs £5 to attend (you can donate more if you wish), and at the end of the evening, the cash goes to the person whose idea has received the most votes”.

Sara added:  “It’s certainly not only about the money.  Swindon Soup is a not-for-profit organisation, where people can create or develop something that they feel would benefit the local community, with ideas that could range from urban agriculture, art, justice and social entrepreneurship”.

The ‘Eat, Connect, Share and Vote’ concept began in Detroit, where it has brought people together from all walks of life to make a very positive difference to the local community.  Created in 2010 by Amy Kaheri, Detroit Soup has gone on to stage over 100 dinners, raising over $100,000 for Detroiters by Detroiters.  Past winners have included the Empowerment Plan, which makes coats for the homeless that double up as sleeping bags, and Rebel Nell, a jewellery-making business whose owners employ disadvantaged women.

Following four presentations on December 3 in Swindon, everyone gets the chance to meet and share resources over some soup (donated by Hospitality Services of Swindon) and bread before casting their vote.

For those presenting:

Your idea must benefit the local community in some way.

You’ll have a five minute window to put forward your idea.  Props are allowed but no digital presentations please.

At the end of your presentation you’ll be asked to answer up to four questions from the audience.

You can’t vote for your own idea!

If you win, you’ll need to come along to the next event and give everyone an update on how the money has been used.

For those attending:

It is one vote per person.

Questions can be asked at the end of the pitch.  The presenter can choose a maximum of 4 people.

You can add value to the winning project by making a donation.

For more information, please contact:

At: you can get an entry form or register as a guest.  Volunteers are also needed.