Solar Panel Showroom to open in Swindon

By Ben Carey on 15 January, 2024

The Electrical Compliance Collective (TECC) based in Swindon has announced the opening of its new Solar Panel Showroom.

Set to open this Friday (19th January) the Showroom at Dorcan Business Village will showcase TECC’s comprehensive range of solar panel products and services for homeowners and businesses looking to embrace renewable energy.

The range of products will include complete solar panel kits, panel options, bird/pest proofing solutions, cable entries and roof tile hook stops. On the opening day TECC representatives will provide live product demonstrations and answer questions to highlight the benefits of solar energy and its positive impact on both lifestyle and the environment.

Investing in solar panels for your home not only reduces the cost of electricity bills but can also add value to your property.

Peter McCallum, Managing Director of TECC, said, “We’re incredibly excited to launch this new venture and contribute to the growing adoption of solar power in our community. The showroom is an ideal platform to educate and inspire our customers about the advantages of switching to renewable energy with TECC Ltd. We’re confident that it will be a valuable resource for anyone looking to positively impact their carbon footprint.”