So you need to make some prospect calls? Lou Johnson, CEO of Bluesky Revenue Generation gives her top tips

By Anita Jaynes on 21 July, 2015

Lou Johnson is CEO of BlueSky Revenue Generation, a telemarketing company that works with progressive entrepreneurs and business owners turning prospects into opportunities. Bluesky is a conduit between marketing efforts and sales-pipeline closures; simply put, they find business in the follow-up and help to grow your business.

Lou will be sharing a series of blogs based on her forthcoming book ‘It’s in the Follow Up’ over the next few months.

In this first blog post Lou addresses the fundamentals of making a batch of prospect calls and in practical terms how to physically make them.

So you need to make some prospect calls… let’s get CENTRED.

Before you even pick up the phone do your homework, these five CENTRED steps will set up each call in order to do it right. The definition of being centred is having a specified subject as the most important or focal element. In this instance it’s making your calls. No distractions here.


There are a few practical tips to aid confidence too. Always have a pen and paper to hand, simple, but we’ve all scrabbled around for a pen before now when on a call. Take a deep lung-filled breath and smile. It may sound a little crazy but people can tell from the tone of your voice if you are genuinely smiling or not. Exude confidence you’re about to have a great conversation, enjoy it and have fun…


Work out what it is that gives you an energy uplift, and I don’t mean another coffee! Find something that physically sets you up before you pick up the phone. Perhaps it’s simply a walk around the block? I do a yoga sequence called the Sun-Salutation. It really gets the blood flowing and I feel energised, enthusiastic and ready to make calls.

Network – Are you mobile enough

Most of us have a mobile and it’s good to use for prospect calls, in fact I would recommend that you use it and not a landline (or a 07 number from a landline). Most networks are now stable but make sure you are in a good area with a strong signal before you call. Signal booster packs from your network provider cost around £100 and are a great addition improve poor reception from an office.

Using a mobile offers…

Timing Flexibility

You have your phone with you so go ahead and make the call. If it has a strong signal there’s no excuse not to make the call because you’re not at you desk. Ask yourself can I just make this call now in a quiet corner? Go ahead and dial, this prospect might become your best customer ever. Always ask if the timing of the call is convenient or if there is a more appropriate time to call them back. If they say tomorrow morning at 10am put this in your diary and call them at this time. They will usually pick up but if they don’t please attempt to call the next day at the same time, and the next, and the next. You alone must gage the number of attempts that you are comfortable with but the times I have heard “Thank you for your call, I’ve been meaning to get back to you, can I book…” It’s good to be persistent.

If you call from a mobile and they can’t answer you at that precise moment clients will often-prescriptive text “I’m in a meeting” or “Can’t speak now”. This creates an ideal opportunity to send a return message or be…

Ready to reconnect

You can text back with a brief but interesting explanation for your call and ask when is a good time to for you to call them. This is another touch point and great way to set up a firm call booking date. I find that this is usually the following day and because the call has been booked they are much more likely to answer the call. The aim is always to…


I always leave a voicemail if the call is not answered, I assume they would want to speak with me so why wouldn’t I give them the opportunity and it is yet another information touch point about your company. Be ready to leave a solid message; have this written down and in front of you. This sentence should be as short and compelling as possible and practice saying it out loud. It’s a shorter version of your introduction pitch but often relate specifically to the reason for your call. Again have fun with this, try to be memorable and prompt a call back.

Store their number. There is great power in putting a prospects name into your phone contact settings and expecting a call back. You’ll also be on the front foot when they do by answering saying “Hello” along with their name.

You will find that prospects will call you back when you adopt this mobile method. They may not have actually listened to the voicemail but expect their call as the aim of making contact is to have more…


I recently trained a sales team and by simply swapping their landlines to an actual mobile phone increased the number of conversations by 30%. While I was with them they had a call back on the back of a voicemail and booked a well-qualified appointment that has turned into a £6000 sale! So swap your landline for a mobile and get dialing!

I will be sharing more insight about the actual sales call structure within this blog series.

Keep visiting the TBE website to see my future blog posts that will give more insight into the list creation and actual sales call structure.

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Pictured above: Lou Johnson, CEO of Bluesky Revenue Generation