Sinewave appointed to connect new Gordon Murray Automotive HQ to the grid

By Nick Batten on 23 February, 2022

Sinewave, the Swindon-based  specialist electrical engineering company, has been appointed as the Independent Connections Provider (ICP) for the new Gordon Murray Automotive HQ and supercar factory in Surrey.

Known for his design of Formula One cars and the McLaren F1, Murray established his own low volume manufacturing facility in 2017 and most recently has launched the T.33 supercar in January 2022 as a follow up to the T.50 and the £3m T.50s Niki Lauda, named after three-time F1 world champion and Gordon’s former teammate. 

Sinewave’s services to Gordon Murray’s new factory and HQ in Windlesham will include connecting to the grid over almost ½ km away and landing, commissioning and energising two substations and additional plant. 

Most notable in its electrical design, and a Sinewave first, the cables are being run under a new on-site supercar test track. The facility when complete will house a factory, a design studio, a test track, a heritage centre and customer sales and servicing suites. 

Works are commencing in February 2022 and Sinewave works should be complete by April or May 2022. 

Ashley Hutchinson, Commercial Director for Sinewave, said, “It’s not very often we get a chance to be involved in a construction project for something so exciting. Naturally, we hope our sign off and audit process will include driving one of their cars around the track over our cables!”

Sinewave is one of the UK’s fastest-growing and most progressive ICP’s operating in the electric vehicle charging, residential, commercial and renewable sectors. 

It is an electrical engineering business, based in Swindon forecasting and tripling in size in 2021/22 and again in 2022/23. Since 2021 Sinewave has expanded from under 30 to almost 70 employees and is continuing to recruit. 

Pictured above: An artists impression of the new Gordon Murray Automotive HQ and supercar factory in Surrey