Seasonal special of the Tizzy Trails app to launch at Wildcats’ first home game

By Nick Batten on 15 December, 2023

Popular Swindon Christmas elf character Tizzy the Elf is teaming up with the Swindon Wildcats ice hockey team to celebrate their return to the Link Centre since the reopening of the venue following a flood.

The partnership will aim to bring joy and excitement to Wildcats fans and children alike, with a special Tizzy Trails app launch planned for the first home game tomorrow (16th December).

Tizzy the Elf, a kids app character, has already proved popular with its adventures. Now, Tizzy is taking to the ice rink to support the Wildcats, bringing a touch of Christmas magic to the team’s season.

Steve Nell, Managing Director of Swindon Wildcats, said, “We’re thrilled to have Tizzy the Elf join us as our sponsor for the upcoming season. Tizzy’s playful and heartwarming persona aligns perfectly with the Wildcats’ spirit, and we believe this partnership will bring a lot of fun and excitement to our fans.”

As part of this collaboration, a special version of the Tizzy Trails app will be launched at the first Wildcats home game tomorrow, with a second trail on the last game before Christmas (Saturday 23rd December). Kids can download the free app and embark on a virtual Tizzy Trail adventure during intermissions. The app will feature interactive elements, challenges, and prizes for those who complete the trail.

Keith Milburn, Tizzy Trails app developer, added, “We’re excited to bring Tizzy Trails to the Wildcats’ first home game. We believe this app will provide a fun way to celebrate the Wildcats back home while being an engaging experience for kids during intermissions.”

The Tizzy Trails app is completely free to download and play, making it an accessible and entertaining experience for all kids.