Salisbury experts unite to improve local community wellbeing

By Nick Batten on 28 September, 2017

A team of diverse experts from independent businesses in Salisbury is collaborating with lighting expert, Light My Space, on a set of initiatives to raise awareness about potential health issues.

In addition to Light My Space, the group of experts also consists of an energy healer, a life coach, a chiropractor, an optician and a business solutions specialist. Their aim is to highlight important health and wellbeing issues and suggest simple changes people can make to “stay fit and healthy and improve their own sense of wellbeing.” These suggestions will then be shared and promoted as blog posts, newsletters, leaflets and articles.

The group’s first initiative was the visual health issue, myopia, to coincided with National Eye Health Week and the International Myopia Conference which both took place earlier this month and drew attention to the problem. According to Light My Space, eye strain and visual stress are common indicators that “something could be wrong” with a student’s eyesight. Good eyesight and good eye health are probably “the most important factors” in ensuring the right conditions for student learning.

Ira Blake of Light My Space, said, “Recent research in the UK, Europe, USA and China all found that myopia in children is increasing rapidly and the single, most important factor, is inadequate light.”

She continued, “The right lighting depends on balancing several factors, such as intensity, quality, cast and tone, control, direction, contrast and glare. Many manufacturers don’t provide consumers with the information they need to make informed choices.”

According to Light My Space, people can take some “simple steps” and make some small changes in their behaviour to reduce the risk of, and slow down, the development of myopia including encouraging outdoor activity and exposure to natural daylight, regular eye checks and ensuring that workplace lighting is appropriate.

Confirmed collaborators with Light My Space are LBB Business Solutions, Natural Healing Energy, Be U, Women on Wednesdays (WoW) network and Mark Jones Eyecare.

Future topics tackled by the group will cover issues including “reducing stress and anxiety” and “personal performance and positive energy.”