Sales expert supports vibrant new business venture

By Anita Jaynes on 2 June, 2014

Sales guru Alison Edgar has teamed up with two family entrepreneurs offering a boutique shopping service for women.

Alison, who is managing director of Wiltshire’s Sales Coaching Solutions, is helping the women behind PinkBox Boutique to grow their e-business and boutique party events in the home or for charity. Both businesses are members of Wessex Chambers.

Alison said: “I’m proud to have been selected by PinkBox Boutique to help the business get to the next level when it comes to sales. I’m working alongside Kerry and Harriet in the company to help them put customers at the heart of their business.”

Mum Kerry Gover and her daughter Harriet Letheren recently set up PinkBox Boutique, selling a range of interesting products including colourful scarves, bags and jewellery. The business is based in Coate, near Devizes.

Having had a successful career in the corporate world which included sales and marketing, Kerry felt that she needed some support from someone with more hands-on experience of selling effectively.

She said: “Running your own business presents challenges that you just don’t consider when you work in a corporate environment. I realised that my experience of selling was predominately from marketing behind a desk , rather than dealing with customers up front and in person. I felt we needed some support in engaging with people more effectively rather than doing so from a distance.”

Kerry and Harriet applied to the Special Business Advice Grant Fund, administered by the Wessex Chambers of Commerce in Wiltshire, to match fund the training with Sales Coaching Solutions. For more information on the grant, go to

Alison Edgar established Sales Coaching Solutions in 2011 after many years of working in sales within blue chip companies including Yell, Douwe Egberts and BT.  She’s a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing,  a Growth Accelerator and Growth Vouchers coach.

She said: “I’m thrilled to be working with Kerry and Harriet as their business goes forward. My style is to get under the skin of any business to find out how things are working on the frontline, to learn as much as I can about what’s going well and what could be improved.”

Alison works with a team of specialists who can provide advice on all aspects of sales, marketing and public relations.

Pictured above from left to right: Kerry Gover of PinkBox Boutique and Alison Edgar of Sales Coaching Solutions.