Five years of elite performance with Roadstarz

By Ben Carey on 27 February, 2023

Swindon-based Roadstarz, a leading provider of performance coaching, mentoring and sports education, is celebrating its fifth successful year in business.

Director Nic Tilling originally established the business to help competitors improve performance in cycling. However, it soon evolved to offer a range of services to people across both the world of sport and the world of business.

From a background in professional cycling, sports education and coaching, Nic’s experience has allowed him to provide a unique offering to his clients across the region.

To coincide with its anniversary, the business has launched a new service, SportsPro Business, to help increase the performance of people in businesses by applying the principles and practice of elite sports coaching strategies.

Nic said, “We started doing work with performers from other sports and with clients who were looking for improvements in general health, fitness and wellbeing. During the pandemic we became involved in providing fitness opportunities for businesses, and soon after the pandemic we started working with the Ministry of Justice to engage prison inmates.

“Our mantra is ‘success is learnt’ and this approach is unique in the current market. In fact we have very few direct competitors. Most companies will provide either corporate training or health and wellbeing training. 

“Our view is that your most sustainable competitive advantage is to learn faster and better than your competitors, and this is as true in business as it is in sport.

“We are unique in that we take a ‘sports performance’ approach to human performance in other areas of life including business. In professional sport, human performance is mission critical to success. High achieving teams are relentless in supporting their core asset – their people. It is in the most supportive environments that individuals and teams develop resilience and a culture of high performance. Our mission is to transform the way that people approach improving and optimising human performance in business.”

Roadstarz SportsPro Business service is now available to businesses of all sizes and industries. For more information, visit