Regus Swindon celebrates 15 year anniversary

By Anita Jaynes on 23 April, 2015

The Regus centre on Swindon’s Windmill Hill Business Park opened its doors for business 15 years ago and has seen the profile of its customer base change dramatically over that time, as companies demand more flexible facilities to reflect modern ways of doing business.

Today hundreds of local start-ups, growing businesses and international corporations use the centre, which offers services including offices on a permanent, shared or part-time basis, meeting rooms, Virtual Office services and a business lounge.

Across its 320 UK locations, Regus has witnessed the trend for companies to turn away from traditional leased offices as they strive to keep overheads down and work in more productive, modern and environmentally-conscious ways.

One local firm which has harnessed this modern approach to workspace is Hoffman Male, a specialist property law firm based in offices at Regus in Swindon.

Partner Mary Hoffman said: “We’ve been with Regus for three  years now and one of the greatest benefits of being based here is flexibility – we can easily scale up the business, adding extra desk space when we need it, (which we have done twice now, due to business growth,) or use meeting rooms on demand – only paying for them when we need them. You don’t have that reassurance with your own premises.

“Regus is absolutely brilliant for established businesses like us, and it is particularly good for start-up and small businesses. It’s just that one invoice coming in each month and it’s no hassle. We know it’s going to be £x every month and that covers absolutely everything so it’s nice and easy.”

Chris Pullen, Managing Director of Field Operations at Regus, comments: “We are proud that the Swindon centre has reached its fifteenth birthday and I extend my thanks to the fantastic centre team, who I know are all incredibly dedicated.

“Attitudes to work and the office have changed so much over the past 15 years and we certainly see this reflected by our customers who are increasingly turning their backs on the old -fashioned model of long leases and fixed overheads, in favour of more agile ways of working.”

“Flexibility has become the cornerstone of successful business and as a company we have adapted our services to accommodate this.”