Purpol Marketing challenges local businesses to ‘Get their marketing strategy sorted in 2016’

By Anita Jaynes on 27 January, 2016

Failing to plan is planning to fail, so the famous saying goes. Purpol Marketing certainly believe that is true for many small businesses in the South West, who are trying to initiate their marketing activity without a formal marketing plan.

Purpol Marketing is encouraging businesses large and small to get their marketing strategy sorted in 2016, and to help do so, they are running two seminars, one in Swindon and one in Chippenham, to explain how your marketing strategy can be developed in a structured way. Purpol believes that once established, your strategy should drive the direction of your business, focus your communication messaging and showcase how you provide excellent service to your existing clients as well as obtain new ones.

Denise O’Leary, owner of Purpol Marketing said: “The way you present your business should be a reflection of your values, personality and goals; and determining how you deliver this is very important to your business success.

We are keen to provide local businesses with the tools to develop their marketing strategy using our simple step by step process, which identifies your unique business objectives and matches these to appropriate tactics in order to achieve them.”

Gavin White, senior consultant at Purpol added: “We show you how to maximise your efforts in a cost effective way and develop clarity in your approach. Our objective is to ensure you leave the session with a defined marketing strategy on how you can achieve your goals for the year to come.

The workshop was successfully delivered in January and due to popular demand it is being run again to support the local business community.

The half day workshop, will be available at Chippenham Golf Club on Thursday 3 March 2016 and Excalibur Group’s Arclite House, Swindon on Tuesday 15 March.

Tickets for both workshops are available for the special price of £59, with Early Bird tickets of £55 available for the first five attendees to book. The workshops start at 9am with tea / coffee and biscuits on arrival and finishes at 12:30.

Click here to book tickets for the Chippenham event on 3 March.

Click here to book tickets for the Swindon event on 15 March.

For more information about Purpol Marketing visit www.purpolmarketing.co.uk

Pictured above: Denise O’Leary and Gavin White of Purpol Marketing