Priority IT takes a byte out of the digital divide

By Ben Carey on 23 July, 2020

Priority IT, based at the Hawke Ridge Business Park near Westbury, has been helping to address the digital divide by refurbishing old laptops.

Since the beginning of May, the company has helped over 100 children and young people by providing reconditioned computers to those in need.

The team at Priority IT, many of whom are furloughed, have been volunteering their time to work on the machines, with the costs for replacement parts being met by the company.

The initiative has been a huge success and the company is determined to keep the project going.

Kieran Thomas, Managing Director of Priority IT, said, “It’s really quite amazing how much support we’ve had since May. Since being on BBC Breakfast we’ve had a wave of new donations come in which will really help families during this difficult time. The majority of these laptops will require a new hard disk to make them safe and secure, and some need new chargers. It works out at about £30 to £50 per laptop.”

To ensure the project’s sustainability, Priority IT has launched a crowdfunding campaign seeking donations to help fund the parts that are key to making each laptop safe and usable.

Kieran added, “So many people have said they want to help, but they don’t have a spare laptop to send, so setting up a crowdfunding page made sense and will help us keep up the momentum.”

Anyone wanting to make a donation to this initiative can do so via the crowdfunding page.

Pictured: Just some of the laptops waiting to be refurbished.