Positive Tales of 2020 – Wentworth Wooden Puzzles goes green and updates brand

By Nick Batten on 17 December, 2020

As the end of a challenging year approaches, The Business Exchange has been looking at some of the more positive stories to come out of 2020. We caught up with Malmesbury-based Wentworth Wooden Puzzles which – as a result of lockdown – has refreshed its brand identity and launched a new range of contemporary designs for a new generation of puzzlers …

The humble jigsaw puzzle has soared in popularity during lockdown. Quickly being named as a ‘sanity saver’ and a new household essential, more and more people have been trying puzzles for the first time. 

While this increased interest in jigsaw puzzles inevitably caused a large uplift in new customers to the Wentworth Wooden Puzzles site, the company also noticed that an ever-growing percentage of these customers were from a younger demographic. 

25-34-year olds topped the age group for most number of new visitors from February to May 2020, while the 18-24 year old age group was the fastest growing in the same time frame, with nearly four times as many new visitors when compared to the previous three months.

As a result, Wentworth has launched a modern collection of contemporary puzzles aimed at a new generation of puzzlers, working with a wide variety of artists and photographers.

The ‘Art That Slays’ collection features the very best of quirky and modern art. From curious creatures to breath-taking photographs and amazing locations, this collection is as diverse as the puzzlers who complete them.

Happy Puzzlers, Happy Planet 
Wentworth also understands how increasingly important it is to look after our planet, so it is aiming to be sustainable in all that it does. All puzzles are made using wood from forests that are sustainably managed and the production of the boxes has moved back to the UK, after being produced in China in recent years, plus they are made from recycled materials.

No plastic is used in the packaging process and Wentworth is doing all it can to minimise the energy it uses and recycle the waste it creates.

Website update
To mark its sustainable credentials, Wentworth has given its brand, website and packaging a revamp with a new colour scheme of sumptuous plum and cool grey.

The updated packaging highlights the premium quality of the products, and all the key features are communicated effectively on the back of the box, including the ever-important sustainability message. The website also follows the new colour scheme, looking to appeal to all generations of puzzlers while providing the quality products and service that they are known for.

Sarah Watson, Managing Director of Wentworth Wooden Puzzles said,  “It’s clear that puzzles are here to stay so we wanted to ensure that we catered for the diverse variety of people that have taken up puzzling, especially during lockdown. 

She added, “As well as refreshing our brand identity and packaging, we’ve launched an exciting new collection of contemporary designs to appeal to the ever-growing number of younger dissectologists. We have also moved box production back to the UK and dropped shrink wrap from our packaging, as part of a move towards minimising our impact on the planet.”

The ‘Art That Slays’ collection consists of 25 brand new puzzles, which are all available in a 250 piece and 500 pieces, prices start from £29.95 and can be purchased online from www.wentworthpuzzles.com.