Positive tales of 2020 – The Doorstep Diaries

By Nick Batten on 7 December, 2020

Despite the challenges that businesses have faced during the Coronavirus pandemic – there have been some positive things to come out of 2020. We caught up with Wiltshire-based photographer Tash Lee-Jones to find out how she made the most of lockdown…

When photographer Tash Lee-Jones from  The Little Photo Company – which is based in Studley – found herself unable to work during the first lockdown, she quickly began to miss taking photos. So, after deciding she wanted to document the lockdown situation in her local community, she came up with the idea of the ‘Doorstep Diaries.’ 

During her daily exercise she would take her camera out with her and take snapshots of family life on people’s doorsteps.

Giving a daily route map on the company’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, residents of Studley, Derry Hill and Calne were able to contact Tash, so that she could capture their lockdown life as she walked by.

The photos taken were then made available to download for free in return for donations to NHS Charities Together. A total of £2,390 was raised. 

Tash said, “the first lockdown hit our business really hard and we were forced to put down our cameras and step away from the job and work we love. As well as suffering financially, I was really missing the creativity and social side of the job… I also really felt I wanted to do my bit, give something back and bring a little joy to people in my community. 

“Doorstep Diaries gave me the opportunity to do what I love and keep photographing – while of course adhering to those all-important social distancing guidelines. In addition to that, I got to meet more of the local community, bring a smile to people’s faces, capture this historical moment in our lives and raise money for the wonderful NHS.”

A member of one family that was included in The Doorstep Diaries, said, “Tash has created a fantastic way to capture family and community spirit in these uncertain times and is doing a fantastic job of raising money to help our NHS heroes!’

But Tash didn’t stop there. Following the success of Doorstep Diaries, she wondered if there was anything she could do to support small, local businesses, which is when she came up with the idea for ‘Trading Images.’ 

Trading Images is a fresh way of working – a partnership where no money exchanges hands. It offers FREE professional photography or videos in order to help businesses get back up and running with imagery that can be used across social media and for marketing purposes. 

The project is aimed at small businesses that may struggle, especially in the current climate, to justify spending money on professional photography but who have skills or products that they could swap instead. So far, The Little Photography Company has worked with a wine distributor, a stand-up comedian, Pilates instructor, florist and fitness trainer.

Tash explained, “Trading Images gives us an opportunity to keep doing the photography we love, while offering small businesses access to professional media that they need to connect to their customers on the web and across social media platforms.”

She added, “Basically, something for something. We trade our services and business passion for yours, and together we help each other out. It feels like the right way forward in these crazy times.”

The full Doorstep Diaries gallery can be found here.

Pictured: (above) Tash and her camera (top of page) Various doorstep photos taken by Tash during lockdown