Positive Tales of 2020 – Shield Wiltshire

By Nick Batten on 15 December, 2020

Despite the challenges that businesses have faced during the Coronavirus pandemic – there have been some positive things to come out of 2020. We heard from Shield Wiltshire which has been helping to protect the local community by providing vital PPE during the crisis…

In response to the Covid crisis, Shield Wiltshire, a group of local volunteers, have been manufacturing plastic face visors for members of the public for their personal use. 

The team has made a huge contribution to the Wiltshire area, providing face visors to over 21,000 recipients and completely free of charge to all of those on the front line.  

Annette Alchin, Founder of Shield Wiltshire, said, “I am really proud of what we achieved. It was very challenging, and I had a group of 25+ technical volunteers across the county printing around the clock from their spare rooms, bedrooms and garages. All of them giving their time for free. I had a qualified accountant running the finances (funding we received to achieve this success) and also a Demand Manager controlling production, allocating jobs to the team and ensuring delivery.

“I would like to make sure my team is recognised for the assistance we were able to provide in the peak of the covid crisis.” 

Anette added, “It has been a whirlwind – with the team using every waking hour they had, around full-time jobs, family commitments, homeschooling and more, to print, assemble and deliver. It has been amazing to have been able to support many shielding, vulnerable and elderly people as well as the general public as a whole.”