Plans for Swindon Science Park one step closer

By Anita Jaynes on 12 May, 2020

Final revisions to Wasdell’s planning application for a Science Park that will enable it to increase its contribution to the pharmaceutical, medical supplies and healthcare industries have been submitted. If approved, the Science Park will create at least 600 additional jobs within the Swindon economy.

Wasdell is Europe’s largest independent manufacturing and packaging supplier to the pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare industries. The proposals by Wasdell for the high quality, sustainable Swindon Science Park will deliver much-needed facilities for R&D and high-tech manufacturing in the region, as well as meeting the Group’s own requirements for growth.

The hybrid planning application was submitted to Swindon’s planning authority in December 2018.

The proposed site for the Science Park is at Inlands Farm, Wanborough, 300 metres south of the New Eastern Villages strategic allocation and just north of junction 15 of the M4. The Inlands Farm site is currently not allocated for development, but Wasdell’s consultants have examined 65 possible sites in total, and of those Inlands Farm is the only site that meets the specific needs of the Wasdell Group.

The Science Park site requires a minimum size of 35 hectares to allow for continued growth and development, and a maximum drive time from Swindon town centre of 15 minutes, to allow for the retention of the majority of Wasdell’s current staff. 

The site must also be within 15 minutes’ drive of Junction 15 of the M4, to provide easy and rapid access to M4 to Heathrow, the UK’s cargo hub. This access is crucial in transporting ambient and temperature controlled goods of high value within a fixed, short timescale. In order to assure the Group’s imminent future growth the site must also be currently available and owned by, or in the control of, one landowner.

The planning application consists of two main elements. Phase 1 is detailed, seeking full consent for the Wasdell facility, comprising land use class B1c, parking, landscaping, drainage and green infrastructure. Phase 2 is outline, seeking consent to demolish buildings, and a further phase of land use class B1c and B1b. All matters, including means of access, landscaping, layout and scale, are reserved for Phase 2.

The revisions have been made in order to respond positively to responses to a number of matters raised by statutory consultees and other interested parties. They include removing the temporary access from Pack Hill for Phase 1, and seeking full consent instead for a roundabout access for Phases 1 and 2, which will enable the early delivery of this part of Swindon Borough Council’s Southern Connector Road. A significant number of changes have also been made to the proposed design of the buildings in order to further reduce their visual impact, along with additional landscaping.

Specialist Science Park delivery consultants Cam-Sci have also been appointed by Wasdell to advise on appropriate mechanisms to ensure the park is delivered as planned.

Wasdell Group Chairman Martin Tedham, whose family work in the company and live locally, said, “The Government has stated that the life sciences industry must play a crucial role in the future national economy, and there are considerable opportunities for our local and regional economy if as a town we embrace the life sciences and collaborate on R&D and investment.

Martin Tedham, Wasdell Group Chairman

“Recent events have brought home the importance of the pharmaceutical and medical devices supply chain. Wasdell is playing active role in the fight against the spread of coronavirus and patient testing in a bid to treat COVID-19. Lay people now understand the need for the few companies like ours that hold Specials Licences to provide support for the rapid testing of drugs in small-batch trials, and in the manufacture and production of products including often life-saving intravenous systems. 

“We work in industries that are literally vital to us all, and I am proud of the contribution that my colleagues are making, and the Science Park will ensure that we can continue to innovate and grow the considerable offer that we have.”

Head of Planning South East at Turley, Peter Lawson added, “This is a hugely important project which we’re delighted to be leading upon. The cutting edge facilities to be provided at the new Swindon Science Park will provide a huge boost to the local and regional economy, creating jobs and growth at a time when the importance of the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries cannot be overstressed.”

National planning and development consultancy Turley provided planning, environmental impact assessment, landscape & VIA and heritage & townscape services for the project.

The land agents for Swindon Science Park are Webb Paton.

Pictured above: Artists impression of Swindon Science Park