Pharmaxo Group aims to beat government net zero target by five years

By Nick Batten on 11 August, 2023

Pharmaxo Group, a Corsham-based business that works with healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies to produce and administer life-changing medicines, has taken major steps towards reaching net zero by 2045.

Aligning the company with its partner, the NHS, the achievement will surpass the government’s UK 2050 pledge by five years. 

Pharmaxo launched its carbon reduction process in 2022 by creating a baseline using existing downstream logistics figures and adding in new upstream figures that take into account the carbon footprint of materials as they arrive on site. 

The emission reduction plan, which uses a glide path model, includes gradual annual reductions with bigger step changes every five years, adding up to 20 per cent reduction every five years. The first five-year plan projects a 20% reduction for 2027, with a decrease to 3,506 tCO2e for Bath ASU and to 3,771 tCO2e for Pharmaxo Pharmacy Services (two of the companies which make up Pharmaxo Group).  

A graph showing Pharmaxo’s carbon reduction targets

Matt Cooper, Environment, Health and Safety Manager for Pharmaxo Group, said, “We need to become sustainable. Getting to net zero by 2045 is a really big challenge, but it is in all of our interests. It’s still early days but we have been able to make some changes already. We have changed our hot water systems to air source heat pumps, added electric vehicles to our car fleet and put charging points across the site.” 

Potential next steps will include: engaging with suppliers to put carbon reduction on their agenda and reporting what they are doing; putting in place detailed energy monitoring to track the efficiency of the equipment; looking at the waste stream and choices of waste provider; and discussing renewable energy schemes.

Pharmaxo Group’s manufacturing and healthcare divisions provide the NHS with extra capacity, ensuring patients receive critical treatments on time and in a comfortable environment. With strong connections to academia, Pharmaxo’s scientists and R&D teams are pioneering stability research to improve value and safety throughout the medicine supply chain.

For more details on the company’s plan call Matt Cooper on +44 (0)1225 811131, or email:

Pictured above: An EV charger and the car sharing spaces at Pharmaxo Group