Personal trainer urges Wiltshire women to embrace their bodies with exclusive film viewing

By Anita Jaynes on 9 February, 2017

A personal trainer from Chippenham is helping women in Wiltshire feel more positive about their body image with an exclusive screening on Wednesday March 1.

Kat Burne from the Strength Studio is hosting a screening of the world acclaimed documentary Embrace.

The film explores the rise of body image issues in women through the true story of Taryn Brumfitt and how she found herself at the centre of a media storm after posting a candid ‘before and after’ photo online that ignited a worldwide frenzy and saw the image viewed over 100 million times.

Despite being happily married and successfully juggling motherhood while running a thriving business, Taryn was privately struggling with crippling body image issues. She contemplated drastic action, including plastic surgery, before deciding that she needed to achieve the perfect body, taking up dedicated gym training and entering bodybuilding competitions. However, even after attaining impressive abs and the supposed elusive bikini body, she was still unhappy. So she allowed her body to return to its natural shape and then took to Facebook to spread her message, posting the image that would soon be shared around the world. In the aftermath she received over 7,000 emails from women around the world wishing to share their personal stories of body image issues.

Embrace is told from Taryn’s point of view as she travels the globe to explore the alarming rise in body image issues seen in people of all body types, speaking to well-known personalities, experts and everyday women, as well as having her scrutinised by a cosmetic surgeon and walking one of Europe’s most prestigious red carpets to see first-hand the pressures celebrities face. The film looks at the origins of Taryn’s Body Image Movement, a positive crusade founded on the belief that everyone has the right to embrace and love their body on their own terms.

Kat, organiser of this one-off viewing said: “I want to show this movie to people because I work hard to show women they can be strong, enjoy training for the love of it – not as a punishment for what you ate and to enjoy food because it’s wonderful and not as a means to a six pack or something to feel guilty about. The film has an important message that we should love our bodies – they are not who we are – they are a small part of us. We are what makes us wonderful and our wobbly bits shouldn’t detract from that.”

The film is being shown at 6:45pm on Wednesday March 1 at the Odeon Cinema, Trowbridge.

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Pictured above: Kat Burne, lead coach at  Chippenham’s Strength Studio