Outset Ambassadors: Business start-up support that keeps on giving

By Anita Jaynes on 27 February, 2015

Starting a business for the first time can be an unsettling experience, with lots of new obstacles to navigate. Being able to talk to someone who has been through that same experience can make a huge difference for new business owners, often providing a much needed confidence boost.

That’s why local business start-up support provider Outset Swindon has launched a new Ambassador programme, giving clients who have previously benefited from the service’s fully funded support the chance to give back to the local community by mentoring future business owners.

Ambassadors are former Outset clients who have gone on to create successful new businesses in Swindon. As part of this new initiative, they will pledge to donate 24 hours – or one day – of their time to support new business owners, over the course of a year.

Outset Swindon programme director Manor Singh says: “For us, this is all about creating a full circle of support in Swindon. At the start of our programme, we tell our clients ‘give us 24 hours of your life and we’ll change the rest of it’; our Ambassadors now get a special opportunity to give that 24 hours back to the service that supported them, helping to inspire the next wave of entrepreneurs!”

The programme is designed to both celebrate and support the creation of successful and sustainable businesses in Swindon, giving Ambassadors the chance to share the wisdom of their experiences, whilst simultaneously exposing up-and-coming business owners to inspiring and accessible role models.

Support and encouragement from real, local success stories ensures the service is able to reach people from all angles. Stuart Newland, owner of Fenturi Ltd, decided to become an Ambassador because “it allows me to work with other entrepreneurial businesses in Swindon, share my experience and support people like me who are making this career transition and do something really extraordinary.” He adds: “I am delighted to become an Outset Ambassador.”

To date, Outset Swindon has supported the creation of over 170 new businesses and 190 new jobs in the area.

If you’re looking to start your own business and are in need of support visit: www.outsetswindon.co.uk

Pictured above: Stuart Newland, owner of Fenturi Ltd and an Outset Ambassador