Outdoor coaching to bring fresh thinking, fitness and improved business results for professional women in the Swindon area

By Anita Jaynes on 2 May, 2016

A Highworth based business coach is offering local business women and female entrepreneurs a new opportunity to lift their business and personal performance by combining business coaching with the physical and mental benefits of exercising outdoors.

Gail Gibson, a local business performance coach, is passionate about giving women in business confidence, self-belief and simple, effective tools to help them raise their performance. She already delivers successful traditional coaching programmes and workshops, but now she’s taking her coaching programmes outdoors and power walking with her clients in local parks and the countryside.

One of very few business coaches in the country to offer this form of outdoor business coaching, Gail believes her female clients will see superior outcomes not just in their physical fitness but also in their mindset and business results.

Gail said, “The benefits of coaching whilst walking outdoors go much further than just the physical and mental benefits of exercise. Many business leaders including Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson are huge advocates of ‘walking meetings’ because they produce more personal and powerful conversations.”

“When you are walking in the natural environment and fresh air, conversations are more open and relaxed. The distractions of traditional indoor coaching are minimized and so your thinking can be clearer and sharper too. It has also been scientifically proven that being outdoors and active encourages creativity and the free flow of ideas. This makes a fabulous coaching environment for helping people to work through their business challenges and empowering them to reach their full potential.”

Gail’s outdoor coaching programme is aimed at women who run their own business, entrepreneurs, freelancers and professional women in a corporate role, who want to raise their personal or business performance or find a new direction – no matter what level of fitness they have.

“The programme will help women to set goals and targets, work through the challenges and barriers that are stopping them achieving their goals, measure their progress, and challenge and motivate them to take the steps they need to achieve winning results. With the added end- benefit of being fitter and more focused in mind and body” said Gail.

Ashley Sandy, who has recently launched her own business near Marlborough, took part in Gail’s outdoor coaching programme earlier this year. Ashley said: “Walking outside definitely energized my body and brain, took my thinking to a higher level and increased my creativity. Combining these benefits with Gail’s coaching led to wonderful discussions, ideas and ways in which I could improve my business performance. It has particularly helped me become more clear about where I want to take my business and bring more order and focus into the way I market and run it.”

Gail’s outdoor coaching programme will run for 12-weeks with sessions running from June to the end of October. It will begin with a 45 minute introductory Skype session, followed by five power walking meetings in Lydiard Park or Coate Water in Swindon once a fortnight.

To find out more email: gail@gailmgibson.com

Pictured above: Gail Gibson with a client