Out of this World Contracts for SCISYS

By Ben Carey on 14 January, 2019

Chippenham-based SCISYS Group, the supplier of bespoke software systems, IT-based solutions and support services to the space, media and broadcast, government, defence and commerce sectors, has announced a series of contract wins for space programmes across Europe.

The projects have been won by the German arm of the company and include impressive contacts funded by the European Union and European Space Agency (ESA).

In January SCISYS Deutschland GmbH was awarded a €2.8mcontract with ESA-ESOC (the European Space Operations Centre) for Monitoring and Control (M&C) system services for the ESA Tracking Network (ESTRACK) up to 2023.

Operated by ESOC, ESTRACK and its network of ground stations supports various ESA spacecraft missions. The ESTRACK ground stations are all equipped with a central M&C system, which serves as the basis for providing the high level of automation necessary for a range of space programmes.

SCISYS’ Space division in Germany will be responsible for maintaining the operational status of the automated M&C system supporting individual spacecraft missions. SCISYS will also continue to evolve and expand the M&C system for new devices deployed over the contract period.

Klaus Heidrich, CEO of SCISYS, said, “I am pleased to announce this significant strategic win by SCISYS’ Space division in Germany. SCISYS is proud to have supported ESTRACK for more a decade and this latest contract is testament to our position as trusted partners and suppliers of ground-segment solutions.”

In another recent contract win, SCISYS Deutschland GmbH has been appointed by GMV in Spain for the continuation and further enhancement of three elements in the Galileo Ground Control Segment (GCS).

Galileo is Europe’s own global navigation satellite system, providing a highly accurate, guaranteed global positioning service under civilian control. GMV is the prime contractor for the Ground Control System (GCS) to the European Space Agency.

SCISYS’ Space division in Germany will progress the evolution and maintenance of three key elements within the GCS: enhanced functions, improved security and cyber resilience capabilities in the next phase of the Galileo programme. GCS elements are fundamental in order to monitor and control the Galileo Satellite Constellation including the related ground functions.

The total contract value is for €5m and was awarded under a programme funded by the European Union and the European Space Agency.

In December 2018 the company won another two contracts for space programmes with Thales Alenia Space based in France. The company has appointed SCISYS to provide services, again supporting the Galileo project.

Thales Alenia Space is the prime contractor to the European Space Agency and these significant orders, with a combined value of over €16m, underline SCISYS Space’s position as an expert for innovative ground segment solutions.

Klaus Heidrich, CEO of SCISYS, added,”We are very pleased with this recent win by our Space division. It adds to our confidence that the future prospects for the Group continue to be encouraging. Well done to all the teams involved.”

To find out more about SCISYS visit www.scisys.co.uk