Old Sarum Airfield set for “take off”

By Anita Jaynes on 28 July, 2020

Salisbury’s historic Old Sarum Airfield is set to emerge from months of lockdown with onsite businesses re-opening and looking to the future now that the strict restrictions of the past few months are easing and the country returns to a new type of “normal”. 

GoSkydive, the UK’s leading leading Tandem Skydiving centre, which has been operating from Old Sarum Airfield since 2008, has announced that they are back open and have resumed tandem skydiving in line with Government and British Skydiving regulations.

July has already seen hundreds of first time jumpers enjoy the stunning views over Salisbury skies with the good summer weather, although the tandem skydiving experience has evolved with new measures in place. Arrival times have been staggered with a reduced amount of tandems on each flight. Customers are also remote temperature checked on arrival and asked to bring gloves, face coverings and tubular bandannas where possible.

Gordon Blamire, founder of GoSkydive was part of the ‘Return to Skydiving Working Group’ (RTSWG). The Working Group was formed to assist Affiliated Parachute Training organisations (PTOs) to facilitate a gradual return to skydiving operations across the whole of the UK in a safe and controlled manner. More information available here.

Aviation fans and enthusiasts are also taking to the skies again as training flights with GoFly flying school having resumed in July. 

Old Sarum Airfield can also confirm that vital Animal Health check flights that the airfield were able to help with during Covid-19 crisis will be continuing on a permanent basis. Companies specialising in sensor technology to monitor the health of millions of poultry birds as well as the nation’s cows, sheep and pigs will now be using the airfield to transport vets across the UK to complete nationwide checks and to respond to health issues. 

In addition to the Animal Health check flights, the airfield is also receiving increasing interest from a number of businesses wishing to relocate to the airfield for flight operations. The owners of the airfield are actively exploring how the restoration for Hangar 3 can achieved to be able accommodate this demand.  

Carl Griffiths of Goskydive, said, “We are so glad to be jumping again. Skydiving is a great activity if you are doing a ‘staycation’ this summer. We appreciate our customers patience during the lockdown period, however, we are really looking forward to more skydiving from Old Sarum Airfield this year.”

A spokesperson for Old Sarum Airfield added, “We are delighted to see the airfield and the businesses it supports emerging from lockdown in what has been a very challenging time for everyone. We hope that the airfield can continue to support business get back on their feet as well as assisting with crucial flight operations.”

“The Airfield has always been part of the local community, employing local people as well as being very proud to welcome visitors from across the UK and further afield. We look forward to welcoming businesses and visitors back as the green shoots of recovery start to show.” 

To find out more about Old Sarum Airfield visit: www.oldsarumairfield.co.uk