Office Evolution celebrates reduced carbon footprint during Zero Waste Week

By Anita Jaynes on 10 September, 2020

Wiltshire based business, Office Evolution Ltd, is celebrating its achievements in offsetting its carbon usage during Zero Waste Week (7th-11th September 2020). The company has planted 314 square metres of native woodland through its carbon capture partnership with The Woodland Trust. 

Founded 15 years ago, Office Evolution Ltd was and has been looking at ways to become more environmentally sound. The decision was made to join the Carbon Capture programme early in 2019 and to date it has captured 17.15 tonnes of carbon dioxide. This is the same weight as 204 A3 photocopiers. 

It has partnered up with likeminded suppliers who offer this, and similar initiatives, to counterbalance the CO2 emissions from its product purchases by planting native woodland in the UK. This is done through The Woodland Trust and the Woodland Carbon scheme. 

Natasha Reid, General Manager at Office Evolution, said, “I speak to suppliers daily and it’s been a key purchasing decision to make sure we work with those who can help us and our clients offset our carbon footprint. Our paper and packaging suppliers being at the forefront of this effort with us.” 

Other ways Office Evolution is becoming more environmentally conscious include combining supply deliveries, offering online support to customers to restrict unnecessary site visits and having a complete recycling facility for used toners. 

They also make it easier for their customers to adopt the same approach by supplying various options for eco-friendly products that comply with a range of environmental standards.

Steve Davis, Director of Office Evolution, added, “We’re really proud of these latest figures. Choosing a supplier who is part of The Woodland Carbon scheme is a simple yet effective way that, as a company, we can consistently reduce our carbon footprint.” 

To find out more about Office Evolution’s environmental policy please visit its website