No task too small or tall for social enterprise Phoenix

By Anita Jaynes on 24 February, 2014

Phoenix Enterprises is a specialist mail sorting and fulfilment company. They love the jobs you hate, such as collating manuals and folders, stuffing envelopes, sorting mail and direct mail shots.

These time consuming tasks often get left at the bottom of the pile, but with Phoenix at hand, why not have a spring clean of your to do list?

Phoenix Enterprises is a social enterprise project, set up in 2001 to provide work for people with mental health needs. Sadly the organisation has recently had a large subsidy cut and needs your support to survive.

Manager Jodie Thomas said: “Our unique selling point is that we’ll take on work that businesses find too small or too fiddly to do. Some jobs are not cost effective for a normal business, but we’re very flexible and can take on all kinds of demands. Just tell us what you require and we’ll give you a quote.”

For details call Thomas on T: 01793 719103 or mail