New Wiltshire small business champion part of National support network

By Anita Jaynes on 30 July, 2015

A South West sales and customer service expert has been named as Wiltshire’s first small business champion by fast-growth network Enterprise Nation.

Alison Edgar, founder of Sales Coaching Solutions is one of an initial cohort of 12 key regional champions to be announced in a bid to extend important early-stage support to the growing number of new firms in Wiltshire and the South West.

Alison said: “It makes a great deal of sense to extend a nationally-integrated programme of support to entrepreneurs as they build a business. Enterprise Nation already has a proven track record in producing engaging, practical and accessible workshops and events as well as providing a much-needed campaigning voice for the small business community.

“Early stage intervention and support is a well-understood pathway to greater and more sustainable success. We look forward to welcoming businesses into the Wiltshire branch of the Enterprise Nation fold.”

Alison will curate events and networking for micro firms looking to improve their practical skills and knowledge as well as finding new firms to collaborate with and outsource to.

Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation, said: “The world of business has changed beyond recognition.  As a consequence the support and business environment must quickly adapt.

“We think it’s important to extend the support for early-stage entrepreneurship across the UK – whether it’s gazelle-like tech firms – or people looking to improve their work life balance while providing for their family.

“We want to help Wiltshire and the South West’s entrepreneurs build profitability whilst making the most of a skill or passion.

“Over the coming years we’ll see more, not less people working in this way and choosing a life of self-employment and enterprise.  We need to be ready for that and deliver the advice and support they need to succeed.”

The network has already delivered £6m worth of support this year to British-based entrepreneurs through practical events, which saw it partner with global tech brands like Facebook, Microsoft and Constant Contact; its adviser marketplace, a massive StartUp 2015 event, its mentoring and free expert consultation calls for members.

The fast-growth network with an expanding 70K-strong membership across the UK, is also set to open a flagship northern growth hub in September, set in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, coupled with the staggered introduction of a strong national network of 150 regional champions.

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Pictured above: Alison Edgar of Sales Coaching Solutions