New Swindon charity seeks local business collaborators

By Nick Batten on 16 February, 2024

Established by Jeff Tucker, Carl McCulloch and Ian Rumbold – Owners of Swindon-based recruitment agency TRAK Employment Solutions and RPHS Plumbing & Heating Services – Best Mates is a charity that aims to make a difference to people’s lives by offering financial, emotional, and physical support to those facing challenges.

Jeff came up with the concept after going through a tough time with his son who was attacked when he left school. After the attack, Jeff didn’t know who to reach out to and it was then that he had the idea of forming a charity which allows people with varying problems to connect with other individuals who have been through something similar.

Speaking to TBE, Jeff explained, “A person who is in need will contact our charity and we will then – depending on their issue – match them up with one of our team of ‘best mates.’ The best mate will then make contact and arrange a conversation over a cup of coffee. 

 “They are usually a complete stranger – but one who fully understands what you are going through. They are able to say this is what I did, this is how I got out of it, and this is where I am now.” 

From that point, any services that are required will be supported by the charity to help get them back on track.

Founded in 2022, Best Mates has already collaborated with numerous local organisations to spread its word including Swindon-based firm Bleckmann Logistics, One Vision Signs, BBC Radio Wiltshire and The Swindonian. 

Jeff continued, “We’ve also got some events lined up this year including a fundraising skydive in April and a Tower of London to the Eiffel Tower charity bike ride. There will also be a launch party in London and some golfing events in May.” 

In addition to this, TRAK Employment Solutions – Jeff and Carl’s main business – is now also offering Best Mates’ services as a form of welfare support for its employees.

“We are very proud to have turned a concept into reality, with the launch of our charity which endeavours to extend a helping hand as a best mate would, with the belief that together, we can create a brighter future one friend at a time,” Jeff added.

Any businesses wishing to collaborate with Best Mates should email Jeff Tucker directly at: