New Swindon business to provide quality healthy food to eat in or take away

By Anita Jaynes on 22 January, 2016

Saturday 6 February 2016 will see the launch of the much anticipated Healthy Lane, the new all-inclusive-nutrient-rich food offering cafe located at 31 Morley Street, Swindon.

Healthy Lane is no ordinary establishment as its core values are a healthy lifestyle through a sustainable diet. Never again will you struggle to find nutritious food which is both delicious and convenient, because you can order to eat in or take away from the Healthy Lane café.

Providing quality nourishment that equips you for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Healthy Lane’s offering includes hot or cold salads, soups, grills, herbal tea, coffee, freshly cooked porridge, cereals (muesli, yoghurt with fresh fruits, seeds and nuts) wraps, juices and smoothies. Everything is prepared onsite and is wholesome, varied, colourful, fresh, affordable, convenient and, best of all, delicious.

Tembi Huna, founder and proprietor of Healthy Lane said, “I’m delighted to open Healthy Lane. I have always wanted an outlet to share my journey and principles of living a healthy lifestyle through a sustainable and nutritious diet. We offer wholesome meals combining a variety of ingredients, appetising, nutrient-rich, fresh, affordable and convenient meals. All food is prepared freshly on site and made to each individual’s personal taste.”

Ingredients which include all food groups as well as superfoods can be added or removed to ensure every customer enjoys their Healthy Lane meal, exactly as they want it.

Healthy Lane ingredients include often forgotten but valuable and nutritious food groups such as healthy oils, protein-rich seeds and nuts; combining these in one serving for optimum nourishment and maximum health benefits.

A former biomedical science researcher at the National Institute for Medical Research, coupled with her enthusiasm for healthy eating, Tembi brings in-depthknowledge and unique insight to the creation of highly nutritious meals. Based on her experience, she believes that a healthy diet not only reduces the risks of lifestyle diseases but it can lead to a fulfilling, prolonged and healthy life. There should be no conflict between nourishing the body and enjoying great food.

Through its take-away service, Healthy Lane extends the concept of healthy eating into the fast food sector. This means people can enjoy the convenience of a take-away without compromising on nutrition or quality.

Healthy Lane, at 31 Morley Street, Swindon, SN1 1SG, is open from 7.30 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Saturday. To find out more, visit, like on Facebook and follow on Twitter.