New survey suggests only 28% of Britons like Black Friday

By Anita Jaynes on 24 November, 2022

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As we progress through the Black Friday sales week of heavy discounts and bright yellow price tags, you can’t help but worry about the long term effect all these purchases may have on the planet, our wallets and our wardrobes! 

At a time of uncertainty and a squeeze on the cost of living, many are pulling away from Black Friday and focusing more on saving money and buying sustainably. A survey run recently by ethical clothing retailer Thought uncovered that only 28% of Britons surveyed reported that they liked Black Friday. 

Question: Do you like Black Friday? 

You may have noticed conversations with families and friends often follow the same script when it comes to Black Friday. ‘It’s a bit too much now’, ‘I don’t see why it goes on for so long’. 

Many are even left wondering if they will even get a proper discount with a lot of products artificially inflated on the day to give the impression of a bigger saving than is present. 

Thought Clothing have taken a stance against this and are promoting ‘Thoughtful Week’ with the aim of progressing the conversation around sustainability and why we should get better at considering it when we are making our online purchases. With clothing in particular, the real damage to the environment comes often after the point of initial purchase. Shoppers should consider this when they are bulking out their wardrobe and should only go after purchases that are going to be with them a long time or are something someone else can love in the future. 

Thought offer a range of sustainable clothing options that includes culottes and dresses, made from ethical materials. 

Should your business participate in Black Friday? 

Ultimately businesses need to generate sales for their company and for many customers, discounts around the Black Friday sales period are expected. If you want to take a different take on it, try encouraging people to buy from you without introducing rock bottom discounts. 

Thought and other retailers are taking a different approach, focusing on sustainable messaging, and incorporating charitable elements to their offering. Whatever you do, make sure it puts the customer first and reflects your values as a company.