New networking group urges you to get in the swing

By Anita Jaynes on 6 October, 2015

A new business group has been set-up in Swindon which aims to deliver business networking with real impact.

The Swindon and District Golf and Networking Group gives its members a fortnightly opportunity to promote their businesses and enhance their personal well-being. It also provides them with up-to-date and relevant information and advice about current business trends, innovations and changes. The meetings are held at the Basset Down Golf Course where a hearty breakfast is served before the meeting and the group members play 9 holes of golf afterwards.

Barry Wicks of Maroubra Personal Development who helped to establish the group said: “It is important for business people to take some time out to charge their batteries and to promote their personal well-being by playing a relaxed game of golf. Doing this alongside a networking meeting has proved very popular with our members.”

Basset Down is a delightful and well-maintained golf course which is a joy to play. Barry said: “Our members have become good friends and we have a lot of fun and friendly banter but we do lack female members and would very much like to see business women join our group. Our membership comprises people who own small to medium size businesses. There are a lot of  women out there running these types of businesses who would benefit from membership by taking back some leisure time and re-balancing their work/life situation.”

The group meets at 7 am on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. The members would like to see more women join so that there is a better balance of business men and women. Membership is by invitation only and Barry would welcome enquiries from all business people in Swindon and North Wiltshire. If you would like to ‘get into the swing of it’ and attend a meeting you can contact Barry on 01285 810863 or go to the Maroubra website where you can find more information about the group.