New Hong Kong office for Wiltshire learning and development business

By Anita Jaynes on 16 September, 2015

A specialist automotive learning and development agency has opened an office in Hong Kong to cater for a predicted increase in demand from clients in the Asia Pacific region.

Chippenham-based RTS Group, which already has a foothold in China, opened its Hong Kong base to be best placed for a potential growth in the number of clients.

RTS Group works with motor manufacturers to develop frontline dealerships staff, and counts among its clients Mercedes-Benz, Mazda and Nissan. There is particular demand from manufacturers for support with the fledgling credit market in the Asia Pacific region, which RTS has been assisting with, through its finance arm FIMTRAC.

RTS Group Managing Director, Malcolm Miller, said: “There has been a well-reported downturn recently in the markets in China, but we see this is a great opportunity. Nobody needs help when the sun is shining, but now there is a rain shower on the horizon, brands and dealers are seeking more help and support.

“At the same time, while in the UK and Europe, use of finance to buy a vehicle is commonplace, the concept is relatively new in China. Through FIMTRAC, we have been working with manufacturers to educate their dealership staff about motor finance and to increase its use. For dealerships and manufacturers, using finance helps promote customer loyalty and leads to repeat business.

“Now we have a foothold in China, having a Hong Kong office makes sense.  We have great potential to develop our business in the region in general, and have already been in discussions with a number of other prospective clients.”

RTS Group already trades extensively in Europe, South Africa and the Middle East, as well as the UK. Supporting manufacturers to increase finance penetration at point of sale is just one area of the company’s expertise. Through a blended use of learning and development tools, the company helps improve the knowledge, skills and performance of frontline staff.

Pictured above: Malcolm Miller, RTS Group Managing Director